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  • The brilliant new phonic Sound Reads

  • 3 sets of 10 individual stories and workouts for teenagers and adults

The brilliant new phonic Sound Reads

3 sets of 10 individual stories and workouts for teenagers and adults learn more

Yes We Can Read

Teach someone to read one-to-one with our award-winning phonics reading programme (with dyslexia support), developed for beginner learners aged 8 to adult

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KING STREET Readers & Exercises

A complete structured phonics reading programme for teenage and adult learners, which can be used by teachers, support staff and volunteers.

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Gatehouse Books

Readers & Resources

See our full catalogue of beginner reader books and resources to inspire and engage adult learner readers, and which complement our teaching reading programmes

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Varied Reader Packs

  • Gatehouse Best Seller Readers Pack (10)
    Gatehouse Best Seller Readers Pack (10)
    Regular price £53.00 Sale price £53.00
  • Gatehouse Mixed Readers Pack (30)
    Gatehouse Mixed Readers Pack (30)
    Regular price £145.00 Sale price £145.00
  • Gatehouse Library Pack for Literacy (180)
    Gatehouse Library Pack for Literacy (120)
    Regular price £820.00 Sale price £820.00
  • Gatehouse Library Pack for ESOL (180)
    Gatehouse Library Pack for ESOL (180)
    Regular price £900.00 Sale price £900.00
  • Brown & Brown Readers with Exercises
    Brown & Brown Readers with Exercises
    Regular price £96.50 Sale price £96.50


  • Gatehouse eBooks are now available!

    We are excited to announce that many of our most popular Gatehouse Books are now available as eBooks from leading eBook retailers and public & institutional libraries.
  • Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

    Gatehouse Books author, Jennie Cole showed her support for asylum seekers and refugees by donating copies of her new books to Leeds Asylum Seeker Support Network (LASSN).  Jennie, and the stars of the books, visited the LASSN office to make their donation and find out more about the charity.
  • Congratulations, Amy!

    Amy Howard, author of the newly-published Gatehouse Book, Autism & Me, is pictured with her book at Crisis Coventry. Amy will be signing copies of her book at a celebratory event at Crisis on Friday 20th December. Congratulations, Amy!
Yes We Can Read - teaching reading one-to-one

Wecome to Gatehouse Books


We have a large number of students (aged 11-16) who have gaps that need closing or skills that need securing. We struggle to find books that will support them in re-engaging in reading without insulting them or upsetting them. Gatehouse books have got the perfect balance: non-threatening with exactly the content and reading level our students need. Students have read collections and felt a sense of pride in their achievements; seeing themselves as readers for the first time in their lives - we couldn't ask for more. 

Liz Sanger

We, at Crisis, love your books! We have used them in many ways in the classroom and recently our students enjoyed writing their own narrative. For some, it was their first experience of writing a story. I look forward to using lots more of your books in the future. Thanks so much!

Annette Less, Basic Skills Tutor, Crisis

Our students love your books – in fact they wear out faster than any other books in the library due to heavy use.

Elaine Andrews, Learning Resources Centre Manager

We bought the complete King Street Collection as well as the separate packs for Set One and Two. We're finding them brilliantly useful, volunteers and students are really taking to them.

Tracy Bose, CEO of Got to Read

King Street: What a breath of fresh air! Beginning readers with simple, easy to access words that still deal with adult themes. A wonderful set of books, which my ESOL group are thoroughly enjoying

Karen Unwin

As a Librarian, it is great to find some reading books that are aimed at entry level adult students, with pictures to help tell the story, along with engaging and humorous plot lines. 

Susanna Carter

Thank you Catherine (and all you folks at Gatehouse) for all of the great work which you do to promote and develop the literacy skills of some of the most vulnerable and oft forgotten people in society.

Liz Bale

I am writing to thank you for recommending Yes We Can Read... I really do feel this has been life-changing for Christopher.

Michael Metcalfe