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Collection: King Street: Readers and Exercises

  • King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set One
    King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set One
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  • King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Two
    King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Two
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  • King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Three
    King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Three
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  • King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Four
    King Street: Readers and Exercises - Set Four
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  • King Street: Complete Collection
    King Street: Complete Collection
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"King Street is the perfect balance: non-threatening with exactly the content and reading level our students need. Students have felt a sense of pride in their achievements; seeing themselves as readers for the first time in their lives - we couldn't ask for more."
Secondary School, Head of English


King Street is an integrated, structured phonics reading scheme for adult and teenage learners which can be used by trained teachers as well as volunteer and support staff. This carefully graded reading scheme provides opportunities for practice in all the underpinning skills necessary to produce a competent reader.

The King Street collection consists of four sets of books with accompanying exercises. In addition there is the opportunity for the teacher to record phonological assessment and ongoing progress using the assessment sheets.

Set One: 10 readers plus accompanying exercises

Each book features one house on King Street and its inhabitants. The books are illustrated. They are very short and designed to be read in one session. Set One books have a word count below 100. The accompanying exercises may be completed over several weeks. Great care has been taken to ensure that they are largely phonetically regular. High frequency and irregular words are introduced gradually. Care has been taken to link, wherever possible, the vocabulary and sounds introduced to the recommended structure of the literacy strategy. Because of the adult nature of the books, there is inevitably some vocabulary linked to adult learners' life experiences.

Set Two: 10 readers plus accompanying exercises

The stories make use of existing characters but some new ones are introduced, moving into vacant houses in King Street. Although some stories are considerably longer than those in Set One, they are illustrated to give the reader welcome picture cues. Word counts range from 111-205 words per book. Most of the exercises will be familiar to users of Set One. Some of the original exercises have been omitted and replaced by exercises designed to develop reading fluency. Each group of exercises includes a set devoted to a particular aspect of written English such as apostrophes, homophones, consonant digraphs and compound words.

Set Three: 10 readers plus accompanying exercises

Each of the ten books features one group of King Street residents already introduced in Sets One and Two. The books are graded according to the complexity of the language and new spellings and structures are introduced gradually. Set Three has word counts of up to 400 words per book. Some exercises will be familiar to learners who have completed the previous sets. In addition there are more demanding exercises which deal with particular grammar or spelling points. Sentence building features largely in these exercises, as does punctuation.

Set Four: 5 readers plus accompanying exercises

Set Four consists of five books about a fire in King Street. Each book is written from a different person’s point of view. The characters have been introduced and developed in the previous three sets of the King Street collection, but this set can be read and used independently. The set consolidates and extends the language introduced in the previous sets and serves to reinforce the learner’s understanding and use of the language. Sentences are mostly longer and conjunctions are used. The exercises not only follow familiar patterns but also develop the students’ ability to apply their knowledge in real-life contexts: form-filling, letter writing, proof-reading, report writing.

The Author

Iris Nunn, author, lectured at North Shropshire College, later to become Walford and North Shropshire (WNSC), working with adult students with a range of reading difficulties including those with specific learning difficulties. She worked widely with basic skills and dyslexic students and later coordinated the OCR Diploma and Certificate for Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties. She has also lectured and coordinated the Staffordshire University Foundation Degree for Teaching Assistants at WNSC and assessed students working with dyslexic learners from primary through to higher education.

June Lewis, editor, taught and coordinated the OCR Diploma and Certificate courses for Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties for many years at North Shropshire College. She is very experienced in the field of adult basic education and specific learning difficulties and is well equipped to advise on the methods of developing literacy skills in the struggling adult and adolescent learner.

Further praise for KING STREET

"What a breath of fresh air! Beginning readers with simple, easy to access words that still dealt with adult themes. A wonderful set of books, which my ESOL group are thoroughly enjoying."
ESOL Tutor

"We're finding the King Street collection brilliantly useful, volunteers and students are really taking to them."
CEO of a reading charity