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What's Your Story? Series
What's Your Story? Series
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What's Your Story? Series
What's Your Story? Series
What's Your Story? Series
What's Your Story? Series

What's Your Story? Series

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When we meet someone and ask “Where are you from?” or “What do you enjoy doing?”, what we are really asking is “What’s your story?”
When we start to share our story with others, we can begin to celebrate differences and recognise how much we all have in common.

What’s Your Story? Series comprises 8 books written and photographed by Jennie Cole with each book focusing on a personal story. This series is an ideal starting point to encourage conversation and invite others to share their story.

The 8 titles in the series are:

  • What’s Your Story, Ana?
  • What’s Your Story, Kisanet?
  • What’s Your Story, Ousmane?
  • What’s Your Story, Sadjo?
  • What’s Your Story, Hassan?
  • What’s Your Story, Islam?
  • What’s Your Story, Misra?
  • What’s Your Story, Muna?

Developed for adults who are learning to read, or who are learning English as a second language, these delightful short stories, illustrated with colour photographs and presented in a comic book style, are a great way to build vocabulary around daily life.

Individually priced at £5.95, you can buy the full set of 8 books here for only £45.00

Additional Information

  • Author : Jennie Cole
  • Reading Level : 2 - Easy Beginner Reader
  • Reading Level : 3 - Standard Beginner Reader
  • Series : What's Your Story?
  • Topic : Biographical
  • Topic : ESOL
  • Topic : Life
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842311974

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