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Reading Levels

Gatehouse Books are broadly classified as Adult Beginner Readers with easy-to-read stories in large print, line-broken text and line-drawn illustrations. These have been graded as Very Easy (Level 1), Easy (Level 2), Standard (Level 3) Beginner Readers or Post-Beginner Readers (Level 4) which are suitable for emergent readers. In these books, the font size is often smaller and there are fewer illustrations. We also have a number of Collected Writings, which offer a clear progression route for those who feel more confident about their literacy skills.

We have deliberately steered away from flagging up reading ages or 'adult literacy' levels on any of our books. This is because it is important that the reader does not feel patronised or stigmatised in any way. Our wish is to make it easier for tutors to select suitable reading material for their students, so we have designed a coding system that is easy for tutors to understand, without drawing attention to the learner's basic skills needs.

Reading Level 1Level 1 - Very Easy Beginner Reader 

Reading Level 2Level 2 - Easy Beginner Reader

Reading Level 3Level 3 - Standard Beginner Reader

Reading Level 4Level 4 - Post Beginner Reader

Reading Level 5Collected Writings

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