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Donate to BACA Charity

Baca would love to increase their library of ESOL reading books. They have created a 'wish list' of books to help support the young people to develop in their English literacy skills. As part of their 'Donate a Book' Campaign, you are able to purchase a book from the list, which will be sent directly to Baca and put into their library ready for reading.

To buy and donate a book, please click the book title you wish to purchase and you will be taken to the item on our website. Click Add to Cart to add the item to your shopping basket, update the quantity as required, then proceed to Check Out once you have finished shopping.

For FREE delivery direct to Baca, please enter the discount code BACA at the checkout.


Book Title Price Desired Quantity
Joe Buys a New Jumper £5.25 3
Joe's Surprise £5.25 3
Liz and Joe Go on Holiday  £5.25 2
Liz and Joe Have a Day Out £5.25 2
Liz Gets a Gas Bill  £5.25 2
Liz Goes to the Hairdressers £5.25 3
Liz Turns 50 £5.25 3
Mehdi's Story £4.95 3
My Mother-in-Law £4.95 3
My Son is Sick  £4.95 3
Rima's Day £4.95 3
Rosie and the Iron Bar £6.95 3
Taking Some Honey Home £4.00 3
The Best of Both Worlds £4.00 2
The Box of Chocolates  £6.95 2
The Custom of Marrying Cousins £4.00 2
The Marriage £6.95 2
The Missing Cat £5.25 3
The Sofa £6.95 2


Baca supports young forced migrants who arrive as unaccompanied asylum seekers including those that have been trafficked, to rebuild their lives, integrate into a community and use their experience positively.

Baca would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind donation to their educational resources library.