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My Mother-in-Law
My Mother-in-Law
My Mother-in-Law

My Mother-in-Law

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A title in The New East Enders Series, a collection of reading books for new readers, and particularly suitable for ESOL learners. 

Developed for adults who are learning English as a second language, these short stories, set in the East End of London, offer an insight into life in the UK and are a useful tool for building vocabulary around everyday life.

Other titles in the series:

  • A New Home
  • Fadumo Goes Shopping
  • From Here to There
  • My Son is Sick
  • Good Neighbours
  • Rima's Day

Originally published by Avantibooks as The New Eastenders Series, now out of print. We are delighted that these wonderful books have now been given a new lease of life by Gatehouse Books as The New East Enders Series for a new generation of literacy and ESOL learners. We have added a seventh title to the series, called My Mother-in-Law, and a useful set of tutor resources and student worksheets available as a downloadable PDF.

Additional Information

  • Author : Mary Pierce
  • Reading Level : 2 - Easy Beginner Reader
  • Series : New East Enders
  • Topic : ESOL
  • Topic : Life
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Multicultural
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842310939