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Sound Reads: Set 3 Readers and Workout

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SOUND READS: Set 2 Readers and Workout

Sound Reads is a series of books written for older beginner readers. The books are graded to support a synthetic phonic approach to teaching reading. 

Set 2 comprises 10 reading books plus accompanying Workout activities (PDF).

  1. Black Shuck
  2. Rat Man
  3. 46 Days
  4. Cook With Love
  5. Did She Do It?
  6. Patrol
  7. When the Fun Stops
  8. One Man and His Dog
  9. Silent Night
  10. The Skull in the Garden

In Set 3, readers will be confident with all single letter sounds and also letter combinations such as: ay, ai, ee, ea, oa, ow, ar, er and ir. They should also be familiar with long vowel sounds including those using the final e such as: made, eve, pipe, hope, cube. Word endings and multi-syllable words are also used.

Each book enables learners to consolidate their phonics skills and to practise a growing range of everyday (often irregular) words. A small number of more challenging, new words are listed at the beginning of each book. It is recommended that learners become familiar with these at the start.

Reinforcement activities are available for each book as a Workout. It is expected that mentors support learners with both the word lists and the follow up activities.

Additional Information

  • Author : Hollands Lewis & Richards
  • Reading Level : 2 - Easy Beginner Reader
  • Series : Sound Reads
  • Topic : Life
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Phonic
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842312469

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