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First Resort Extra (PDF)
First Resort Extra (PDF)
First Resort Extra (PDF)

First Resort Extra (PDF)

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Photocopiable worksheets and activities for beginner students of English. First Resort Extra offers tutors instant access to more photocopiable reading, writing and matching activities providing varied practice for beginner students of English. Number of pages: 58.

First Resort Extra provides further varied practice to complement the material found in First Resort.

As a result of positive feedback on First Resort we thought it would be helpful to provide more writing practice for students and to introduce new topics. Therefore in First Resort Extra we have included simple comprehension and some grammar work, as well as pairwork speaking practice.

As in First Resort there are information sheets for students to keep, and practice sheets in a variety of formats. Some sheets are designed to be cut up for matching, for example “What’s the matter ?” (page 17) and others for conversation pairwork, for example “Emergency” (page 20).

We hope you will find this resource useful. 

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Additional Information

  • Author : R Picking and M Prudden
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842311615

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