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First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)
First Resort (PDF)

First Resort (PDF)

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NEW EDITION - available as a PDF download

Printable, photocopiable worksheets and activities for beginner students of English. First Resort offers tutors instant access to photocopiable reading, writing and matching activities providing varied practice for beginner students of English. This new edition has been updated with full-colour illustrations. Number of pages: 112.

TOPICS COVERED:  The Alphabet, Numbers, Time, Days, Months, Seasons, the Weather, Filling in Forms, Colours, Face, Body, Family, Clothes, Shoes, House and Garden, the Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom, Food and Drink, Fruit and Vegetables.

As tutors, we have spent many hours making sets of alphabet letters, clocks and picture cards for our students. We have therefore produced these fully photocopiable worksheets which are ready for immediate use.

For each topic, there is an information sheet for the students to keep, followed by practice sheets in a variety of formats, including gap-filling, sentence completion and matching. Some sheets are designed to be cut up into word cards and picture cards, for example ‘clothes’ and ‘food’. Other sheets provide a set of word cards to be matched with a large picture, for example ‘body’, ‘face’, ‘family’, ‘house and garden’ and ‘rooms’. The coloured sheets will photocopy in black and white, if necessary. However, for ‘colours’ we have provided additional blank sheets ready for the tutor to colour in, if colour photocopying is not available. We hope this resource will save you time and effort !

We are delighted with the rebirth of First Resort. The colour illustrations are excellent and bring the whole project right up to date. 

Institutions: The purchasing institution is licensed to print off paper copies of the PDF for use by a single tutor within a single college/school site. Institutions are required to purchase a licence for each tutor: for example, an organisation with 5 tutors will be required to purchase 5 licences. We ask you to respect this permission and not to allow the PDF or paper copies to be duplicated, distributed or transferred to other tutors, students, colleges, schools, sites or digital devices of any sort.
Individuals: Tutors who purchase a personal copy may use the PDF on more than one site, provided that they restrict its use to the classes they personally teach and do not allow copies to be passed to other tutors, students, colleges, schools, sites or digital devices of any sort.
Items from this publication may not be reproduced in magazines, newsletters, books, websites or on any computer or digital system without the prior permission of the publishers.

Additional Information

  • Author : R Picking and M Prudden
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842311608

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