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Workplace Learning

Teaching another person to read is not just the province of the qualified teacher or instructor. The optimism of the title Yes We Can Read  is a conscious echo of Barak Obama's famed "Yes We Can!" speech from the 2009 US presidential election campaign.

Any literate adult can, with the help of this book, change the life of a non-reader or poor reader. Dyslexia is not a life sentence: with the right material and the right approach, a non-reading adult can learn to read at any age, with just the commitment of a friend, workmate or partner to coach them through the Yes We Can Read material for as little as a couple of hours every week.

If you are a large or medium sized organisation with employees of every grade, have a look: who is there who never picks up a newspaper in the tea break? Who has "never got their glasses" when there is something to read, and asks someone to read it out for them? Who left school without any GCSE's - but who's always got a contribution to make, a joke to crack, or an unusual approach to suggest? Are they hiding a serious reading difficulty? Could you release them, with a colleague of their choice, to spend just 20 minutes a day working through Yes We Can Read  for the next six months? We are sure that you will have a return on your investment by the end of the year - not just in what you have given to this person, but in what this person will be bringing to your organisation once their literacy issues are addressed.

“There are so many people out there who can’t read... so why don’t people who can read help people who can’t?” Sue Torr MBE, Literacy campaigner