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Parents and Carers

Yes We Can Read is an ideal tool for parents wanting to help their child (8 years+) to overcome difficulties with reading. It is a structured, ready-to-use programme which benefits from author Libby Coleman’s many years of experience teaching reading. This experience has led to a deep understanding of how to teach someone to read for meaning, and in a way that is engaging and fun for both the coach and the learner.

Co-author Nick Ainley’s patience and eye for detail shine through in the clear, concise instructions for the coach on the left hand pages, and the thoughtful, systematic presentation of activities for the learner on the right hand pages. Yes We Can Read’s unique photo-alphabet is proving to be a great way for learners to remember the shapes of letters.

“I just wish they’d had Yes We Can Read when I was at school. Now I have learned to read and I am teaching my niece with Yes We Can Read. She is doing so much better at school, and her behaviour has improved too, I reckon. I love being able to read bedtime books to my one year old son. If he turns out to be dyslexic like some of the others in my family, I will teach him with Yes We Can Read as well.”

Catherine, young mother, Brighton


"It is going great. We are on page 83 at the moment and I am still amazed at the progress she is making with it! I tell everyone about your book. It is fantastic."