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Learning Support

Yes We Can Read is proving particularly successful and popular with teaching and learning support assistants. The clear and simple instructions and immediate positive results give them a sense of pride, achievement and confidence in a working environment where they often feel undervalued or intimidated.

“I have really enjoyed this reading programme and I have found it to be better than previous ones I have tried with students. It’s simple, yet very effective. Both my learner and myself have found it to be very funny and we have found ourselves laughing as we are trying to read it. I like the simple layout of the book and clear instructions for the coach. Definitely a ten out of ten for it!”

Hayley Dawkins, Teaching Assistant

“The layout of this reading programme is simple yet effective. The notes for the coach are clear and precise. The repetitive text enabled my reader to fully grasp the particular sound we were focusing on. The text is humorous and at times, my reader and I would laugh out loud, thus creating a relaxed and enjoyable reading experience. The fun facts contribute to the enjoyable reading and to the fun experience.”

Lisa Dickinson, Teaching Assistant

“This programme has enthused both coaches and student. The element of humour in it has been especially motivating to this particular student. All the indications at this stage are that he is making excellent progress with developing confidence in himself as a reader.”

Carol Hodgson, Learning Support Teacher