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FAQs about Yes We Can Read

Will I need training or special qualifications to become a coach?

No, all you need is the ability to read fluently and the desire to go on a reading adventure with your learner.


How long will it take for my learner to learn to read?

This varies from learner to learner. Some learners will be reading for meaning and with enjoyment after a few months, others may take six months. Long breaks will prolong the experience.


How much time should I spend working with my learner?

Ideally twenty minutes a day, but we recommend that you find the times which suit you and your learner, such as an hour twice a week, or half an hour three times a week.


Does Yes We Can Read help people with dyslexia?

Yes. It will help anyone with non-existent or poor reading skills. The alphabet pages use photographs because many people with dyslexia see letters three dimensionally.

We can also provide a coloured overlay for learners who experience fuzziness and ‘swimming’ when they look at print. This is known as Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.


What happens if I have to give up being a coach?

The coach records every step, however small, made by the learner, so that a new coach can take over seamlessly, provided they read the instructions at the beginning of the book.


What level of reading will my learner reach?

Your learner will learn to read for meaning with enjoyment, and will gain the confidence to aim for literacy qualifications. However, assessment and teaching for public examinations, such as SATS, GCSE English Language and Adult Literacy Levels 1 and 2 should be left to the teaching professionals.


Can Yes We Can Read be used to teach reading to people who want to learn English?

Yes We Can Read is not designed for this purpose. However in our trials, people for whom English is not their first language have found it an enjoyable way to learn to read in English.


I would like to volunteer to teach someone to read. How do I go about finding a learner?