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Dyslexia Support

Yes We Can Read is printed on cream paper which is generally recognised to be beneficial for people with dyslexia.The text is well-spaced and in an easy to read font.


The pictures for learning letter-sounds correspond to the shapes of the letters they represent, removing a big hurdle for the learner - for example a pan for ‘p’, a tree for ‘t’. Photographs are used, rather than drawings, because many people with dyslexia see letters as 3-dimensional objects.

Coloured Overlays

We are offering a FREE Eye Level Reading Ruler with every copy of Yes We Can Read purchased online from Gatehouse Books (while stocks last), designed to aid learners with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, scotopic sensitivity and other special needs.

The Eye Level Reading Ruler is a coloured overlay text highlighter that will fit easily into a pocket or pencil case, or can be kept in the pages of your book as a bookmark. Discreet and not childish-looking, the reading ruler is made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlines the text and highlights it in a coloured tint. Our selection of colours - aqua/yellow - reflects the most common choice, but other colours of ruler are available from Crossbow Education. There is no complicated testing procedure: your learner will know quickly whether a colour ‘works’.

The Dyslexia Foundation

The Dyslexia Foundation uses Yes We Can Read  in its one-to-one education programme. Programme director, Steve O'Brien says:

"We have bought numerous copies of this book to use at the Dyslexia Foundation to help people learn to read... simple, easy and effective to use... The book is well written and the artwork and examples are fantastic, could not recommend the book highly enough. The book is good value when you consider the cost of a reading tutor."