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Looking at Spelling
Looking at Spelling
Looking at Spelling

Looking at Spelling

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Looking at Spelling, a book of A4 photocopy masters, contains over 40 worksheets which provide practice in the recognition and use of 2-letter spelling patterns. The book helps to bridge the gap between Everyday Spelling and Spelling Worksheets. The emphasis is on encouraging students to look more carefully at words and the spelling patterns which make them up.

Most worksheets deal with one or two spelling patterns at a time (e.g. ar; ei/ie; ow), although several revision sheets incorporate a wider range. The exercises include many words which can be seen daily on road signs, in shops and offices, in newspapers and other everyday reading matter. In addition to spelling practice, there are opportunities to improve reading skills such as skimming and scanning and to use words with specific spelling patterns in imaginative writing. Some of the worksheets cover general spelling points (e.gways of remembering spellings; confusion between its and it’s).

N.B. Crosswords for Photocopying Book 2 covers 2-letter spelling patterns and could provide extra practice for some worksheets.

NO. OF PAGES: 48 - A4

Additional Information

  • Author : Margaret and Hugh Brown
  • Series : Brown and Brown
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Publisher : Brown and Brown
  • ISBN : 9781870596978