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Filling in Forms (PDF)
Filling in Forms (PDF)
Filling in Forms (PDF)

Filling in Forms (PDF)

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Now available only as a PDF download.

Filling in Forms is a book of A4 photocopy masters which contains 42 worksheets designed to give students practice in form-filling. Almost all of the examples are taken from actual forms found in everyday life. Some of the worksheets concentrate on sections common to many forms, such as name and address, family information and questions on health or housing. Tips are given on form-filling, signatures and using postcodes.

Many different kinds of form are covered within the book, including questionnaires, evaluation sheets, multiple-choice formats, job applications, mail order forms, benefits claims. Although some attempt has been made to simplify forms, in general the examples stick closely to the original wording and layout.

NO. OF PAGES: 48 - A4

Purchasers may print off paper copies of the PDF of Filling in Forms for use within their own centre or single college/school site. We ask you to respect this permission and not to allow the PDF or paper copies to be duplicated and/or transferred to other colleges, schools, sites, centres or digital devices of any sort.
Tutors who purchase a personal copy may use the PDF of Filling in Forms on more than one site, provided that they restrict its use to the classes they personally teach and do not allow copies to be passed to other tutors, students or digital devices of any sort. Items from Filling in Forms may not be reproduced in magazines, newsletters, books or on computer or digital system without the prior permission of the publishers.

Additional Information

  • Author : Margaret and Hugh Brown
  • Series : Brown and Brown
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Worksheets
  • Publisher : Brown and Brown
  • ISBN : 9781870596961