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Basic Comprehension
Basic Comprehension
Basic Comprehension

Basic Comprehension

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Basic Comprehension is a book of 44 A4 worksheets for photocopying. It provides practice in a variety of reading skills for students whose reading ability is at a fairly basic stage. Each worksheet contains a short piece of reading matter between 6 and 12 lines long and in clear print. It is followed by exercises which test understanding and encourage careful re-reading and thinking about the text. The exercises are grouped in sections and instructions are kept as brief and simple as possible. The worksheets are all similar in format and students should benefit from the repetition. The topics covered in the reading text are all factual items of everyday interest and many are humorous.

NO. OF PAGES: 48 - A4

Additional Information

  • Author : Margaret and Hugh Brown
  • Series : Brown and Brown
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Worksheets
  • Publisher : Brown and Brown
  • ISBN : 9781870596701