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Collection: Learn to Read

Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non or poor reader to read in six months or less with Yes We Can Read, our award-winning, teaching reading tool. No training or other qualifications are required. One to one is the key!

Yes We Can Read is a phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning and is designed for learners aged 8 to adult.

"I can't tell you how proud I am to have read my first book at my age! I wish I had known years ago how easy it would be to learn to read."

With its unique photo-alphabet, well-spaced text and easy-to-read font, this programme is ideal for learners with Dyslexia.

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  • Yes We Can Read
    Yes We Can Read
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  • YWCR: Readers Set
    Yes We Can Read: Readers Set
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  • YWCR: Alphabet Poster
    Yes We Can Read: Alphabet Poster
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