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The Sofa
The Sofa

The Sofa

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Meyer rents a cold, damp house for the family. It is overrun with mice, but it is all he can afford. When Meyer disappears, his presence is still felt in the house.

Strange Ways Stories are written and illustrated by artist and storyteller Myrna Shoa. The 4 stories - The Sofa, The Marriage, The Box of Chocolates and Rosie & the Iron Bar - are tales passed down through the generations about a family of immigrants living in Manchester in the early part of the last century. Grandfather Meyer and his family fled their native Dvinsk in Russia to begin a new life in Manchester. These tales of life in and around the Strangeways area present a cast of colourful characters, stunningly brought to life by Myrna's artistry. Printed in full colour. Price £6.95 each or buy the full set for £25.00

Additional Information

  • Author : Myrna Shoa
  • Reading Level : 3 - Standard Beginner Reader
  • Series : Strange Ways
  • Topic : Biographical
  • Topic : Humour
  • Topic : Life
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Multicultural
  • Topic : Nostalgia
  • Publisher : Gatehouse Books
  • ISBN : 9781842311530