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Collection: Brown & Brown Publishing

Brown and Brown began publishing in 1987, to provide material for adults wishing to improve their basic skills in reading, spelling, writing and maths. Their publications are now widely used in many areas of education and are very popular in schools. All of the material is written and designed by the publishers, Margaret and Hugh Brown, who aim to produce relevant, clearly printed books at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to a selection of stimulating readers, Brown and Brown offer a comprehensive range of exercises, workbooks and worksheets which could be used independently by students, with guidance when needed. 

Brown and Brown readers and workbooks may not be photocopied; Brown and Brown worksheets and exercises may be photocopied subject to restrictions.

Brown and Brown publications are distributed solely by Gatehouse Media Limited.

  • A Man about the House
    A Man about the House
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • A Place in the Sun (PDF)
    A Place in the Sun (PDF)
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • A Question of Trust
    A Question of Trust
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • Alone in the Air
    Alone in the Air
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • Chance of a Lifetime
    Chance of a Lifetime
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • Some Chance!
    Some Chance!
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • The Mistake
    The Mistake
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00
  • The Telegram
    The Telegram
    Regular price £4.00 Sale price £4.00