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The Bank Raid (PDF)
The Bank Raid (PDF)

The Bank Raid (PDF)

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Now available as a downloadable PDF.

The Bank Raid is a short story is a short story in 5 chapters told by five of the people involved in a robbery at a bank. The story is taken up and advanced a little by each person in turn. Although the story of the raid on the bank is complete in itself, readers are asked, if they wish, to invent a sixth chapter describing if and how the robbers were caught.

The Bank Raid is quite easy to read and should appeal to a wide range of students. It has a vocabulary of about 520 different words. Like The Accident and The Fire, it could be used as the basis for role play and aural comprehension and as stimulus for writing.

A companion book of photocopiable exercises to improve reading, spelling and writing skills is available separately as a downloadable PDF. 

Purchasers may print off 2 paper copies of the PDF of The Bank Raid for use within their own centre or single college/school site. We ask you to respect this permission and not to allow the PDF or paper copies to be duplicated and/or transferred to other colleges, schools, sites, centres, computers or digital devices of any sort. 
Tutors who purchase a personal copy may use the PDF of The Bank Raid on more than one site, provided that they restrict its use to the classes they personally teach and do not allow copies to be to be duplicated or transferred to other tutors, students.
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Additional Information

  • Author : Margaret and Hugh Brown
  • Reading Level : 2 - Easy Beginner Reader
  • Series : Brown and Brown
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Readers
  • Publisher : Brown and Brown
  • ISBN : 9781870596671