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Circe By Hazel Riley & Myrna Shoa

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Circe has all the men under her spell. Sara works hard but nobody notices her. It isn't fair. Sara has a plan to fix it.

The From the Heart Series is inspired by Ancient Greek myths. These stories have withstood the test of time and have a power to engage people from different cultures and age groups. The stories are retold in a modern setting, each one exploring a different emotion: love, envy, fear... They will stimulate discussion and encourage students to share their own stories.

Each book includes the original myth on which the story is based. 

Titles in the series:

  • Elvis
  • Frank and the Fiesta
  • A Busy Man
  • Bull Man
  • Circe
  • Echo

Additional Information

ISBN / EAN 9781842311714
Author Hazel Riley & Myrna Shoa
Publisher Gatehouse
Reading Level 2 - Easy Beginner Reader

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