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Sharing Our Stories Across Oceans

The Power of Storytelling to Empower and Transform

We come to this project, Sharing Our Stories Across Oceans, as learners, educators, activists and storytellers inspired by creative methods in education. On our own journey, we have truly realised the power of storytelling to be emotional, liberating and transformative; it has helped us to make sense of our lives and been an important lever to support others on their personal and public journey.

Storytelling is a universal river that traverses generations and cultures, carrying humanity's insights, emotions, wisdom, dreams, and experiences. It's a dynamic current where our narratives flow, revealing the essence of our lives and transporting us to places where we can step into others' shoes. Storytelling, in its essence, gives voice to what has often been silenced or forgotten.

Sharing stories can empower and be empowering in so many ways. 

Pause for a moment and consider, what has propelled and inspired you on your learning journey? Equally, what obstacles have you encountered along the way?  

Who has supported you in this journey, and how?

The aim of this project is to create a meaningful and powerful space where both teachers and learners can share their stories and experiences and read about others. 

Real stories of overcoming struggles, celebrating achievements and acknowledging change have the potential to give hope, inspire others and help change the lives of people and their communities. 

Writing Frames & Guidelines can be downloaded here

500-1000 words, 1 photo or illustration may be included. Please submit your typed story by email to By submitting your story, you agree to your submission (text and images) being published by Gatehouse Books Limited in digital and hard-copy form. All materials submitted must be original works, copyright and royalty-free. Where photographs are included, you must have the consent of subject(s) to their photograph being published.


We hope you will be inspired to share your story.

Vicky Duckworth & Tracey Ollis