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People who can’t read...

People who can’t read...

  • can’t/don’t vote, because they can’t read names or information about candidates.
  • won’t go near a computer, because the screen is covered in words. (The word start is very difficult, and is used to mean close on a computer.)
  • can’t read notifications from hospitals or instructions about usage on medicines - such as Take twice daily. Do not exceed dosage - and cannot read vital diet sheets.
  • are reluctant to leave their home and immediate area, because they can’t read street names, bus destinations, addresses, maps etc.
  • can’t apply for jobs and, if given manual jobs, find them difficult to hold down because written instructions are everywhere. For example, a cleaner will not be able to read the labels on cleaning products.
  • find it very hard to organise their lives, as they can’t read the days of the week or month on a calendar.
  • have little idea what is on television, because they can’t read the TV guide.
  • can’t choose and buy food products in shops, read recipes, read instruction on packets, so cooking is a real problem.
  • can’t/should not drive a car, because they can’t read words like slow down accident ahead or major roadworks - diversion or police slow.
  • can’t follow a map or read signs or place names.
  • can’t seek help from Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, because they can’t read The 12 Steps.

When you get up tomorrow morning, imagine you can’t read - and see how many times a day you look at the printed word. Toothpaste, shampoo, coffee/tea, cereal box, the newspaper, emails, mobile phone, letters on the doorstep from the Council and the electricity bill…and that’s just the first hour.

Now imagine that this is your life.

Yes We Can Read can change this