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New Liz & Joe books for refugees and asylum seekers

Author Jennie Cole & David Skivington, English At Home Volunteers Manager, LASSN.

Jennie Cole, author of the Liz and Joe Series from Gatehouse Books, visited LASSN last week to share her new books* and met Jon Beech [Director of LASSN] and English At Home Volunteers Manager, David Skivington.

LASSN is a registered charity that was set up in 1999 to welcome and support refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds. The charity runs programs such as Grace Hosting [a hot meal and a safe place to sleep for people that have nowhere else to go], a Befriending program to help those that are isolated, Connecting Opportunities – a project that helps to develop skills and experience to find work and be part of the local community and English At Home, developing language so people can cope with everyday life and become more independent.

For more information about LASSN please visit their website:

* 4 new additions to the Liz and Joe Series are: Liz and Joe at the Allotment, Liz and Joe at the Festival, Art Adventures with Liz and Joe, Joe Gets Caught Out. For more details, visit: Liz and Joe Series – Gatehouse Books