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Moon learns to read

Moon, 64 years old, was born in China. As a child, she didn’t go to school and, until just a few months ago, Moon could not read.

This had a major impact throughout Moon’s life. She encountered many difficulties as a non-reader - too numerous to list – but most significantly, she could only ever do manual work and could not help her children with their schoolwork. Moon had to remember everything and also relied heavily on her friends. She says:

“My friends were getting fed up because they always had to help me.”

Everything changed when, on a visit to her local library, Moon came across Andy Paradise of Read & Grow who was teaching a man to read using Yes We Can Read. Moon asked Andy if she was too old to learn. Of course, Andy replied, ‘No’.

On 9th September 2011, Moon was introduced to Linda Curtis who would become her reading coach. For the next few months, Moon and Linda met three to four times a week for about half an hour each time to work through the Yes We Can Read programme one-to-one. Moon describes it as a very positive experience:

“I always feel great. It makes me feel I want to continue forever... I feel wonderful.”

Learning to read has given Moon much more confidence. She can text all her family and read the answers and can read the recipes in her job now as a cook.

Coach Linda Curtis says, “Moon continues to be an absolute joy to coach and it has all been down to the excellent book Yes We Can Read!”

Moon adds, “Because it is so flexible time wise and is one-to-one, it makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn.”