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Jungle Books Library in Calais

The Jungle Books Library in Calais provides English classes for refugees, however it is critically lacking resources that help ADULTS learn to read basic English, or learn to read in any language for the first time.

When Jungle Books volunteer and campaigner Sarah Story approached Gatehouse, we agreed to help fund a book order on a match funding basis, so for every book paid for by their supporters, we provide a second book free. The campaign has so far raised over £330 and the first consignment of books is now on its way to Calais. 

Sarah says, "People are very keen to learn here, unfortunately the material they are using - dictionaries and young adult books (like Roald Dahl) - is not useful for beginners to the language!  Gatehouse Books will make a huge difference to people's ability to communicate with UK authorities, and read danger signs when trying to cross the Channel Tunnel, but also to relieve boredom and enable people to get at least some Educational benefit out of the horrific limbo of the Calais camp!" 

If you would like to contribute to Sarah's fund, please get in touch at or call 01925 267778.