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This book will appeal to anyone who wants to learn to read or help someone else to read in a way which will not make the learner feel belittled, stupid or babyish. It is presented in a simple, but effective format which is structured to deliver success and to minimise and address errors. 
Book Review - SEN Magazine Issue 49 Nov-Dec 2010

It's the simplicity of the concept that makes it a hugely hopeful aspect of an otherwise grim societal failing. It needs to be supported. 
Deborah Orr, The Guardian

How marvellous to find a system that works for both coaches and learners. The key to unlocking literacy is to make it simple. This book will change lives… 
Minette Walters, Bestselling author and Quick Reads Learners' Favourite Award-winner

I used Yes We Can Read with a child who had been receiving one to one help for seven years and reached a reading age of 5.5. After 10 weeks additional help using Yes We Can Read, he’d made 18 months progress. 
Geof Sewell

I use this book at work and it is amazing. Get it and teach someone to read and change their lives forever.

I work for an organisation working with homeless clients, many whom cannot read and I am amazed at how good this resource is. It enables learners to work at their own pace, achieve small wins, reinforcing learning and in a way which reinforces achievement with positive messages. I have used it with 11 learners all of whom started out not being able to read. It builds confidence and enables learners to understand the sounds of letters and letter combinations through a phonics system, whilst recognising there are many exceptions. The best thing about this resource is that it can be used by non-teachers and without any training.

Having discovered this book, I was very impressed with the system and the way the steps are laid out. Very logical, loved the visual alphabet and after studying the book can see how the system has worked for so many. Recommended!
D L Williams

Have bought numerous copies of this book to use at the Dyslexia Foundation to help people learn to read, simple, easy and effective to use. I have listened to the author Libby talk on a couple of occasions and find her very passionate about Dyslexic adults and reading. The book is well written and the artwork and examples are fantastic, could not recommend the book highly enough. The book is good value when you consider the cost of a reading tutor.
Big Steve

Very good for learners who have become stuck. It enables readers to develop strategies for working out unknown words. My learner-reader seems to have been taught exclusively by the "look write say" method, which left him stumped by any word he didn't already know. Through the exercises in this book he is learning to pay attention to each letter in a word and is thus able to work out many words he would normally skip over. What's also good is that it really is basic - too many books supposedly aimed at people with reading difficulties assume way too much and are consequently far too difficult, so giving the learner too little sense of achievement and making them disheartened. This book is different. 

Libby has totally succeeded in writing a book that is very easy for a coach to help people of all ages. I have been using it to teach my 63 learner, Moon, who was never given the chance to read as a child in Singapore. The joy we both get after every lesson is tangible, every page has simple instructions for the coach and includes an element of fun which keeps her interest high. We are both very proud that Moon has almost finished the book and can now read road signs, notices in the doctors, television titles ...........the list is endless, it truly has opened up a new and exciting world for her. In the process it has given me a huge sense of achievement. I cannot praise this book highly enough, I LOVE IT!
Linda C

Teaching someone to read wow! Every time a learner at Read & Grow makes that spine tingling breakthrough I tap the book and say Yes We Can!
Andy Paradise

This is an absolutely brilliant book, and it works!! After just four, hour long sessions with my learner (30 years old, dyslexic) she is reading sentences! The learning process is simple, and easy to follow for both coach and reader. Having met Libby, the author, it is clear that this is a major passion of hers - something that can't fail to rub off on you once you see the book "in action" so to speak. Can we read? Yes, we can!
Hannah W

I've used Yes We Can Read with two adult learners: one past retirement age, the other in early thirties. Both had unhelpful educational experiences resulting in diminished belief in their own ability. Gently and non-critically working one:one helps to establish self-belief, and YWCR does the rest... Neither of my learners is dyslexic but both found the phonic, pictorial alphabet the key to making letters into readable words. They've independently told me that until now, nothing they'd tried had worked. The one:one way of YWCR definitely helped them reach their reading goals. I see they have greatly increased self-confidence now, enjoying previously unattainable insights and opportunities that benefit their families too.
Ms V Hampton

I find this book very easy to use. Every thing is explained clearly.The content is also very appealing to all ages. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to help someone learn to read. The tutor does not need any teaching skills, just a willingness to give it a go.

Phonics had fallen from favour. I work with adults, many of whom had no knowledge of phonics from school. I teach literacies and for the first time came across adult learners who really could not read or write. After a few false starts, I read an article by Deborah Orr in the Guardian which recommended this approach. Immediately, I ordered the book and began with my group. The results have been amazing. Although progress is slow, the learners are beginning to read for the first time ever. What is most noticeable is the change to their overall confidence.

I think it’s absolutely brilliant. 
Jilly Cooper, Bestselling Author

Every time we turn a page, I understand more about the genius of Yes We Can Read. The big plus is that it makes learning to read fun. Unshackled by the straightjacket of any strict grid system, Coach and Learner have more opportunity to take control of the learning and easily adapt it to suit the learner’s needs.
Julie Carthy, Adult Education Tutor

We have started to use Yes We Can Read with one of our pupils, with rapid success... This is a pupil who has struggled to read since he started school, and is now in Y3. He was on the border of being a school refuser, and the success he is now experiencing since starting the programme, is helping him to be much happier at school.
Julie M Johnson, Headteacher, Our Lady's Catholic Primary School

The magic comes from the tool, Yes We Can Read. The premise is simple, ‘each one teach one’, and anyone who can read can use the techniques in the book to help someone who finds reading a challenge.

Patrick is 72 and the phonic alphabet is a revelation to him.  He loves Yes We Can Read and described it as 'his bible'.

Michael and I have just finished our first Yes We Can Read session which went really well. Michael was learning from page one and he engaged with the book straight away. At the end of the session he said that he had enjoyed it and he had butterflies in his stomach because he was excited about the next session. I found the material very user friendly and the session as enjoyable as Michael did... Several of our learners from the hostels have finally been able to go to Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, as they can now read the Twelve Steps.
Rob Frier, The Passage - supporting Rough Sleepers and homeless people

Yes We Can Read does work. It has helped me a lot and now I am finished I am getting my cousin started.
Mr Chan

B and his Nan have had their sessions each evening at 8.00pm. B has speeded through the first third. Nan is now ensuring that he reads the sentences with greater fluency, more smoothly, second time round. She was concerned because of past homework wars but so far he's been highly motivated and initiates their sessions, bringing the book to her.

It has really helped me. I feel I can read a lot more now and I like the photo-alphabet too. I really like the sentences that I have to read because they are funny and make me laugh.
Ashley, Year 7 pupil

I just wish they’d had Yes We Can Read when I was at school. Now I have learned to read and I am teaching my niece with Yes We Can Read. She is doing so much better at school, and her behaviour has improved too, I reckon. I love being able to read bedtime books to my one year old son. If he turns out to be dyslexic like some of the others in my family, I will teach him with Yes We Can Read as well.
Catherine, young mother, Brighton

If you know someone who finds reading difficult and learning to read didn’t quite work the first time for whatever reason then this is the scheme for them: Yes We Can Read is just the magic you need to succeed.
Damien Jordan, Headteacher, Fairlight Primary and Nursery School, Brighton

Yes We Can Read is amazing. It works, it absolutely works! You take a tadpole and watch the metamorphosis into a frog with little steps, slowly but surely.
Marc Wood, Step By Step Project Lead Tutor, The Friends Centre, Brighton

Yes We Can Read is a brilliant one-to-one reading scheme. It should be used in every school by LSA’s, volunteers, parents and students who can read fluently to teach others. It should be used in every community in the English speaking world to bring reading to everyone.
Carol Reckling, Special Needs Co-ordinator, The Rushden Community College

P was really chuffed to get his book. He feels the phonic alphabet is key to everything and is looking forward to practising it on his own. He's doing really well. Have to say I'm finding it really interesting and quite exciting observing how the book works and the effect on the reader as things develop.
Vicky, Coach

I taught my dad to read when I was 11. Sometimes it was tough but we had a good laugh as well. We are both well chuffed with ourselves.
Callum Morgan (14), Coach

It is going great. We are on page 83 at the moment and I am still amazed at the progress she is making with it! I tell everyone about your book. It is fantastic.

People who are thinking about becoming or who are training to be a teacher will gain great confidence and satisfaction from the one-to-one coaching in Yes We Can Read. The whole experience will provide a solid platform and a springboard for their talents, regardless of the age groups or subject areas they will be teaching. Yes We Can Read is ideal for peer mentoring.
Marcus Wright, Cardinal Newman School

My family was always travelling around, so I never really went to school, just for a short time when I was little. They said I had to go to a different sort of school for children who couldn’t read. I just stopped going. I tried to learn to read lots of times, with all different teachers, but I never thought I would ever do it. When my coach sent me a postcard with lots of writing, I knew I had got it. I am 64 and I can read after all. Yes We Can Read is a very good book. It’s the best thing.

Yes We Can Read is a very useful tool to engage and motivate young people and adults into developing their reading skills in a supportive way.
Vicky Duckworth, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader full-time PCET, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University

I have really enjoyed this reading programme and I have found it to be better than previous ones I have tried with students. It’s simple, yet very effective. Both my learner and myself have found it to be very funny and we have found ourselves laughing as we are trying to read it. I like the simple layout of the book and clear instructions for the coach. Definitely a ten out of ten for it!
Hayley Dawkins, Teaching Assistant

The layout of this reading programme is simple yet effective. The notes for the coach are clear and precise. The repetitive text enabled my reader to fully grasp the particular sound we were focusing on. The text is humorous and at times, my reader and I would laugh out loud, thus creating a relaxed and enjoyable reading experience. The fun facts contribute to the enjoyable reading and to the fun experience.
Lisa Dickinson, Teaching Assistant

This programme has enthused both coaches and student. The element of humour in it has been especially motivating to this particular student. All the indications at this stage are that he is making excellent progress with developing confidence in himself as a reader.
Carol Hodgson, Learning Support Teacher

We are getting better all the time. My learner is really enjoying it and feels she is accomplishing something with every exercise. She says it is making her feel really good!
Lesley Cullen, Coach

We are bombing along and having a good laugh too.

Yes We Can Read is thoughtful and systematic. It is motivating and soundly based on words having meaning.
Sue Partridge, Unravelling Reading

The best thing that has happened for her and me up to now is when she came for her session last week, which was her birthday, and she told me she had read the verses in her birthday cards for the first time in her life! Comments like this make it very worthwhile.

The first thing I wanted to do when I came out of my 2-year diabetic coma was to learn to read again. Now I am reading again with the help of Yes We Can Read.

I always wanted to read a book and I could never do it. I’m 63 years old and now I can do it. Yes We Can Read is a brilliant book.

We have such a good laugh... It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life because it’s so rewarding. I feel that I’m giving something - a treasure - to Moon because she’s never been able to read.
Linda Curtis

I am 61 and I am reading at long last... I’m proving to myself each day that I can do it. Now I have something to look forward to.

I love the way it makes me feel and the way it makes Robert feel. I always wanted to teach and now I can - I’ve achieved my ambition.

The layout is easy to use for both mentor and mentee with exercises and texts that are sympathetically arranged in accessible language.  It is written to be sufficiently interesting to all ages and consolidates the learning well on-going. The inherent use of multi-sensory methods throughout also makes it more likely to guarantee a higher degree of success.
Extract from an independent review by Sue Ravenscroft

es We Can Read