Yes we can Read

To support the Yes We Can Read scheme, we have published a set of 4 reading books which are designed to reinforce the reading skills the learner has acquired up to 4 key points in the programme. This builds confidence and creates a sense of achievement as the learner recognises the phonic sounds and spelling patterns featured in each book. The learner will be able to read the books alone or with minimal support from the coach. Like Yes We Can Read, the reading material is designed to be fun, and the learner will further develop the habit of reading for meaning. The reading books are suitable for learners aged 8 to 80.

Book 1: King Rat and the Lab Rats

Here I am, King Rat, in my dust bin, with a bit of bun and jam. Then bang! The man goes, “Got you, Scum. In the net you go, fat rat.”

Book 2: Sandy the Snake Saves the Day

My dad is looking for a wife. He says he is fed up with looking after us three boys. There’s Dave, Mike and me. My name is Luke, but at home they call me Lucky. We have lots of pets.

Book 3: Snowball the Billy Goat

This is a story about Snowball the billy goat. Snowball lived on a chicken farm in Georgia, in the States. His owner, Hank, decided to make Snowball the goat into a watch-dog.

Book 4: Dog Heroes

Dogs have always been man’s best and most loyal friends. They work hard for us. Some dogs are heroes.

Yes We Can Read Readers Set (4 books): ISBN: 9781842310786 Price: £16:00

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