The Interview (set of 6 books)

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The Interview (set of 6 books) By Margaret & Hugh Brown

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The Interview is a set of six short books about a forth-coming interview for the job of Assistant Manager at a furniture and carpet store. The first book is written by the Manager of the store and each of the other books is written by one of the five short-listed candidates.

All the books are 16 pages long and easy to read, with only two or three sentences to a page. There are approximately 230 words in each book (with a vocabulary of about 130 different words), and there is some repetition of words from one book to the next. The total vocabulary of the five books is 360 different words.

The books are not graded, but it is recommended that students read the stories in the order given. They will suit both individual students and groups or classes and should appeal to students across a wide range of ability because, although the text is simple, the topic is adult and relevant to all ages. The Interview is similar to, but slightly harder than, The Accident. The six stories may not be photocopied.

WORD COUNT: Different words 360, Total words in story 1370.

NO. OF PAGES: 16 in each A6 book

Additional Information

ISBN / EAN 9781870596954
Author Margaret & Hugh Brown
Publisher Brown & Brown
Reading Level 2 - Easy Beginner Reader

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