The Accident (set of 5 books)

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The Accident (set of 5 books) By Margaret & Hugh Brown

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The Accident, a set of 5 short books, is about an accident involving a car, a van and a lorry. Each story is written from the viewpoint of one of the 5 people involved in the accident.

All five stories are 16 pages long and easy to read, with only two or three sentences to a page. There are approximately 200 words in each book (with a vocabulary of about 100 different words), and there is a lot of repetition of words from one book to the next. The total vocabulary of the five books is 240 different words. The books are without illustrations in order to encourage the reader to imagine the scene of the accident and the events leading up to it.

The books are not graded, but it is recommended that students read the stories in the order given. They will suit both individual students and groups or classes and should appeal to students across a wide range of ability because, although the text is simple, the topic is adult and relevant to all ages. The Accident could be used as the basis for developing skills in role play, aural comprehension and discussion and should provide stimulus for writing. The five stories may not be photocopied.

A companion book of photocopiable exercises to improve reading, spelling and writing skills is available separately.

WORD COUNT: Different words 240, Total words in story 950.

NO. OF PAGES: 16 in each A6 book


Additional Information

ISBN / EAN 9781870596947
Author Margaret & Hugh Brown
Publisher Brown & Brown
Reading Level 1 - Very Easy Beginner Reader
  • A great resource

    "The Accident" has been very successful and enjoyable series with my group of Special Needs Adults here in Cumbria. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the five versions and they and the exercises were a stimulating spur for conversation within the group.

    Mrs. J.A., Grange over Sands 13 February 2013
  • Two terms of work from this one series !

    The Accident Series has been the basis for 2 terms work with one of my classes. The students do 2 weeks in English and 2 weeks Computing - the one class reinforcing and complementing the other. They appreciated the realistic content and found the repetition appropriate in this context. They gained confidence as they progressed through the series.

    Everyone was able to relate to the idea of an accident but the idea of "Whose fault was it ?" was difficult for some and well worth exploring. It has stimulated work on accidents in general, the Highway Code and journeys, and raises many interesting questions (e.g. is 57 years of age old ?).

    Some of my students wrote the following:

    The Accident books were the first books I have read and I enjoyed them. I have never been in a accident in my life before.

    The Accident books were easy to read and the exercises were good. I liked the Policewoman's story. I think it would be good to be a policeman.

    The Accident books were easy to read and very good. The books were easy to understand and help me to know what it would feel like to have an accident and be in hospital.

    The Accident books were interesting. I liked the size of the writing. I think the car driver caused the accident. Can you please write about an accident in a power station ?

    Mrs. A.W., Lancaster 13 February 2013

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