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Yes We Can Read By Libby Coleman & Nick Ainley

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The People's Book Prize Award

Winner of The People’s Book Prize 2011 Award for Special Achievement

Yes We Can Read is a one-to-one teaching reading tool for learners aged from 8 to 80

  • Yes We Can Read is a fun phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning. Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non or poor reader to read in six months or less. One to one is the key!
  • Yes We Can Read is a fully guided programme with clear, concise instructions for the coach on the left hand pages and a thoughtful, systematic presentation of activities for the learner on the right hand pages.
  • With its unique photo-alphabet, well-spaced text and easy-to-read font, this programme is ideal for learners with Dyslexia.
  • Yes We Can Read is being used successfully in primary & secondary schools; by parents teaching their children at home; by one spouse teaching the other at home; in adult learning & community education; in hostels; in prisons & YOI’s; and in the workplace.
  • Yes We Can Read is an ideal tool for use by volunteers and has already inspired the creation of new community volunteer reading groups
  • Yes We Can Read is breaking the cycle of poor literacy in families - improving social justice and prospects for social mobility
  • Yes We Can Read is changing lives!

Online orders will include a FREE Eye Level Reading Ruler (while stocks last) designed to aid learners with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, scotopic sensitivity and other special needs.

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ISBN / EAN 9781842310755
Author Libby Coleman & Nick Ainley
Publisher Gatehouse
Reading Level No
  • Unique

    I am so impressed with the book 'Yes We Can Read'. I am currently using it with an EAL student who had previously been taught the alphabet by letter name. The unique visual alphabet really helps teach letter shape and letter sounds, and my student is enjoying the humour in some of the simple sentences. Early success is quickly achievable, which is a great motivator!

    CJ 2 October 2017
  • Life-changing for my grandson

    I am writing to thank you for recommending "Yes We Can Read." I followed the instructions in the book very carefully, especially the time limit per session - it is all too tempting to push on when you feel progress is being made! I asked my fourteen year old grandson if he thought the exercise had been a success, and he replied, "Well, I couldn't read before, and I can now." I have had no teaching training at all. He was getting help at school, but it seemed to be getting him nowhere, and his classmates were calling him "thick", with predictable results.Thanks again, I really do feel this has been life-changing for Christopher.

    Michael Metcalfe 27 October 2015
  • Teaches the real basics

    Very good for learners who have become stuck. It enables readers to develop strategies for working out unknown words. My learner-reader seems to have been taught exclusively by the "see and say" method, which left him stumped by any word he didn't already know. Through the exercises in this book he is learning to pay attention to each letter in a word and is thus able to work out many words he would normally skip over. What's also good is that it really is basic - too many books supposedly aimed at people with reading difficulties assume way too much and are consequently far too difficult, so giving the learner too little sense of achievement and making them disheartened. This book is different.

    Englishpersonabroad 11 March 2014
  • I LOVE IT!

    Libby has totally succeeded in writing a book that is very easy for a coach to help people of all ages. I have been using it to teach my 63 learner, Moon, who was never given the chance to read as a child in Singapore. The joy we both get after every lesson is tangible, every page has simple instructions for the coach and includes an element of fun which keeps her interest high. We are both very proud that Moon has almost finished the book and can now read road signs, notices in the doctors, television titles ...........the list is endless, it truly has opened up a new and exciting world for her. In the process it has given me a huge sense of achievement. I cannot praise this book highly enough, I LOVE IT!

    LindaC 11 March 2014
  • Very easy to use

    I find this book very easy to use every thing is explained clearly.The content is also very appealing to all ages I would recommend it to anyone who wants to help someone learn to read the tutor doesnot need any teaching skills just a willingness to give it a go

    Grace 11 March 2014
  • Life-Changing!

    This is an absolutely brilliant book, and it works!! After just four, hour long sessions with my learner (30 years old, dyslexic) she is reading sentences! The learning process is simple, and easy to follow for both coach and reader. Having met Libby, the author, it is clear that this is major passion of hers - something that can't fail to rub off on you once you see the book "in action" so to speak. Can we read? Yes, we can!

    HannahW 11 March 2014
  • Enables learners to work at their own pace

    I work for an organisation working with homeless clients, many whom cannot read and I am amazed at how good this resource is. It enables learners to work at their own pace, achieve small wins, reinforcing learning and in a way which reinforces achievement with positive messages. I have used it with 11 learners all of whom started out not being able to read. It builds confidence and enables learners to understand the sounds of letters and letter combinations through a phonics system, whilst recognising there are many exceptions. The best thing about this resource is that it can be used by non-teachers and without any training.

    Tutor 11 March 2014
  • Fabulous resource

    As a volunteer reading coach, I have been using this book as part of a 'Learn to Read' scheme (run by a local community organisation) and have found it a fabulous resource. At a meeting today, all the reading coaches met and were unanimous in their praise for this book. Some supplemented it with other materials but this is not really necessary. We came from diverse backgrounds but all found it simple to use and effective - our adults (who were all non-readers to begin with) are progressing astonishingly well in their literacy. There have already been several graduates of the scheme who, after a lifetime of illiteracy, can now call themselves readers. I have worked as a secondary school teacher and a primary school teaching assistant with experience of many reading resources, including all singing/dancing computer programmes, but I genuinely feel that the deceptively simple structure of this book delivered one-to-one in a consistent and regular way is a more powerful method of teaching reading - at least to adults.

    We were also surprised by meeting with the author, Libby Coleman. She is an inspiring and passionate woman determined to do all she can to end illiteracy. Her lifetime of experience working as a teacher and head teacher in schools in the most deprived areas of London and the South-East, and also of working in prisons, were all brought to bear in the design of this book. In prisons, she found that approximately half the inmates could read and the other half could not. Her dream - to get those who can read to teach those who can't - meant her book needed to be 'self-sufficient' so that anyone, including prisoners without access to outside resources, could help others become literate. In this, she has succeeded - so much so, that it is also being used in some schools, where the older children are now able to coach the younger ones. Anyone with an interest in ending illiteracy in their community would do well to start with 'Yes, We Can Read'. Highly recommended.

    Mrs A M Key 11 March 2014
  • A brilliant one-to-one reading scheme

    Yes We Can Read is a brilliant one-to-one reading scheme. It should be used in every school by LSA’s, volunteers, parents and students who can read fluently to teach others. It should be used in every community in the English speaking world to bring reading to everyone.

    Carol Reckling, Special Needs Co-ordinator 4 October 2012
  • Yes We Can Read is amazing

    Yes We Can Read is amazing. It works, it absolutely works! You take a tadpole and watch the metamorphosis into a frog with little steps, slowly but surely.

    Marc Wood, Step By Step Project Lead Tutor 4 October 2012
  • Yes We Can Read is the just magic you need to succeed

    If you know someone who finds reading difficult and learning to read didn’t quite work the first time for whatever reason then this is the scheme for them. Yes We Can Read is just the magic you need to succeed.

    Damien Jordan, Headteacher 4 October 2012
  • Funny and makes me laugh

    I feel I can read a lot more now and I like the photo alphabet too. I really like the sentences that I have to read because they are funny and make me laugh.

    Ashley, Year 7 4 October 2012

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