Everyday Worksheets: Book 1

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Everyday Worksheets: Book 1 By Margaret & Hugh Brown

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Everyday Worksheets: Book 1 is the first of two books of A4 photocopy masters selected from issues of News Worksheet published before 2000, on the grounds that they are unlikely to date quickly and, therefore, are suitable for current and future use. Each book contains 41 worksheets for helping students with comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. Where appropriate, they have been revised, re-typeset or up-dated.

Because Everyday Worksheets is wide-ranging, it should be possible to find exercises in it for students at almost any level of ability. Each book has an index which cross-references skills and topics covered, some of which, in Book 1, are: recognising common symbols and abbreviations; using everyday words and phrases; cloze; homophones; rhymes; communication skills; DIY; spelling patterns; surnames; writing valentines; spotting errors in news items, signs and notices.

NO. OF PAGES: 48 - A4

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ISBN / EAN 9781904874027
Author Margaret & Hugh Brown
Publisher Brown & Brown
Reading Level No

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