Strange Ways Stories: Tutor Resources

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Strange Ways Stories: Tutor Resources (PDF) By Myrna Shoa

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Available as a downloadable PDF. 

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These Tutor Resources are designed for use alongside the four titles in the Strange Ways Stories series:

The Marriage, The Sofa, Rosie and the Iron Bar and The Box of Chocolates.

They comprise a range of lesson ideas to stimulate the learners’ imagination and develop storytelling, communication and writing skills. Fun activities include warm-up games, visualisation, mind-maps, letter-writing, dialogue and role-play. These worksheets could be used with people from any age group or culture. 

Through storytelling we share our cultural heritages and discover what connects us to each otherThe techniques, developed by artist and storyteller Myrna Shoa, focus on:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Listen and Respond
  • Speak to communicate
  • Imagine, Speak, Write and Read.

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ISBN / EAN 9781842311578
Author Myrna Shoa
Publisher Gatehouse
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