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Ironing with Sue Lawley

Ironing with Sue Lawley

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These poetry books are used extensively by lecturers in FE for young people and adults returning to learn and for people with literacy difficulties. The poems are accessible, not daunting, and provide a 'way in' to poetry. Many of the poems are of a domestic nature and students identify with them. They can also feel encouraged to write their own poems about similar experiences and on similar themes.

In this collection, Pauline has earthed her inner landscape poems about women's lives with the island landscape where she now lives. 

She makes you laugh, she makes you cry, she makes you think.

Additional Information

  • Author : Pauline Prior-Pitt
  • Reading Level : 4 - Post Beginner Reader
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Poetry
  • Publisher : Spike Press
  • ISBN : 9781872916347

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