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Volunteers in the Community

Yes We Can Read has been used by community reading projects including:

Read and Grow

This social enterprise, founded by Andy Paradise, made a huge impact in Gosport and Fareham. With their mission 'to bring literacy to Hampshire', Read and Grow has expanding its network of community reading groups in libraries, schools, prisons and in the Traveller community. 

Read Easy UK

The Read Easy project provided all those who want to learn to read with a volunteer to help them, a special book to teach them (Yes We Can Read ) and a comfortable place to meet at a time to suit them both. It’s easy! Read Easy is suitable for any adult who either can’t read or who is a poor reader. It’s a flexible, confidential, one-to-one scheme, so that you can learn quietly and comfortably at your own pace. Anyone who can read can apply to be a volunteer coach on the scheme. After an initial selection procedure, the scheme’s co-ordinator provides training and then matches people up with those who want to learn. For more information, visit the Read Easy website.

Forest Read Easy Deal (FRED)

FRED provides opportunities for adults who cannot read or struggle with reading to receive one to one tuition at an accessible venue. It aims to be for ‘local people by local people’ and provides interesting and rewarding Volunteer opportunities for the community. Using the Yes We Can Read programme, FRED is for anyone over 18 who wants to learn how to read or to improve their reading skills. Learning is one to one. Learning is free because trained volunteers (Reading Coaches) provide the tuition. Learning sessions are short and frequent – 3 x ½ hour sessions a week are recommended. Visit the FRED website.

“Adults who cannot read rarely have the confidence to join a class and therefore benefit from the one to one tuition provided by FRED as the first step towards not just building reading skills but also improving confidence and self-esteem. This can then lead to a willingness to engage with more formal learning opportunities.“ Julie Carthy, FRED's Founder

The Bridge Community Education Centre

The Bridge uses its centre staff and volunteers to coach adults using Yes We Can Read, and they also teach individual pupils in the nearby secondary school, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy.

Friends Families Travellers

This charity uses Yes We Can Read with travellers on an ‘each one teach’ basis. Once traveller-learners have completed the programme, they can become coaches to others in their community. FFT is also running small trials with travellers in HMP Ford and HMP Lewes.