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Trainee Teachers

We are not alone in believing that every trainee teacher should teach someone to read as part of their training, regardless of their chosen subject area. This may seem a little daunting for non-English specialists who haven’t been trained in teaching reading, however Yes We Can Read can be the solution.

Yes We Can Read is a structured, ready-to-use programme which benefits from author Libby Coleman’s many years of experience teaching reading. This experience has led to a deep understanding of how to teach someone to read for meaning, and in a way that is engaging and fun for both the coach and the learner.

The coach is supported throughout the programme by the clear, concise instructions for the coach on the left hand pages, and the thoughtful, systematic presentation of activities for the learner on the right hand pages. Along the way, you’ll find tips and suggestions to help your learner overcome difficulties and find a number of ways to motivate your learner.

“People who are thinking about becoming or who are training to be a teacher will gain great confidence and satisfaction from the one-to-one coaching in Yes We Can Read. The whole experience will provide a solid platform and a springboard for their talents, regardless of the age groups or subject areas they will be teaching.”

Marcus Wright, KS4 Maths Co-ordinator, Cardinal Newman School

“Yes We Can Read is a very useful tool to engage and motivate young people and adults into developing their reading skills in a supportive way.”

Vicky Duckworth, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader full-time PCET, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University