King Street: Complete Collection

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King Street: Complete Collection By Iris Nunn

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KING STREET: Complete Collection

Four sets of readers (35 readers in total) and 4 sets of accompanying exercises.

Each book features one house on King Street and its inhabitants. The books are illustrated. They are short and designed to be read in one session. The accompanying exercises may be completed over several weeks.

Great care has been taken to ensure that they are largely phonetically regular. High frequency and irregular words are introduced gradually. Care has been taken to link, wherever possible, the vocabulary and sounds introduced to the recommended structure of the literacy strategy. Because of the adult nature of the books, there is inevitably some vocabulary linked to adults learners' life experiences.

King Street is an integrated, structured reading programme for adult and adolescent learners which can be used by trained teachers as well as volunteer and support staff. This carefully graded reading scheme provides opportunities for practice in all the underpinning skills necessary to produce a competent reader.

The King Street Collection consists of four sets of books and four accompanying sets of exercises. In addition there is the opportunity for the teacher to record phonological assessment and ongoing progress using the assessment sheets.

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ISBN / EAN 9781842311493
Author Iris Nunn
Publisher Gatehouse
Reading Level No
  • Superb for adult readers

    I spent ages trying to find a good set of adult reading books. Largely they fell into two groups: the first were phonetically based stories that made no sense whatsoever and the second used so many different words they would be completely inaccessible to a beginner.

    I was nearly at the stage of giving up when I found King Street. What a breath of fresh air! Beginning readers with simple, easy to access words that still dealt with adult themes. A wonderful set of books, which my ESOL group are thoroughly enjoying.

    Karen Urwin 26 May 2017
  • Brilliantly useful

    We're finding the King Street collection brilliantly useful, volunteers and students are really taking to them.

    Tracy Bose CEO, Got to Read 20 January 2016
  • Accessible and visually appealing

    I think the new styled books are so much better than the old, tiny green readers which are difficult for some students to hold. I absolutely love the glossy-covered make-over - these books are more accessible and they are visually appealing.

    Liz Bale, Adult Education Tutor 24 November 2014

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