ESOL Literacy Resource Pack (PDF)

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ESOL Literacy Resource Pack (PDF) By Lisa Karlsen

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THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD. The materials in this pack are photocopiable.

The ESOL Literacy Resource Pack is a comprehensive pack of teaching and learning materials for students with zero or very low levels of English literacy. It includes learning materials; a detailed teacher’s guide; a teacher’s record of student’s work; a student‘s record of achievement.
The 13 units of materials enable students to develop their reading and writing from a complete beginner starting point. The language used is basic and reflects language used in beginner level classroom e.g. present simple tenses; common frequency vocabulary. 
It uses a multi-sensory approach. Students develop strategies to learn spelling, and opportunities for ‘language experience’ are built into each unit. Study skills are systematically developed, as are handwriting, punctuation and use of capital letters. 

  • An extensive pack of materials to teach reading and writing to adults learning from beginner level.
  • Suited particularly to learners whose oral level of English is low.
  • Developed in the UK.
  • Suitable for use with asylum seekers/refugees and other immigrant groups.
  • Multi-cultural content.

The ESOL Literacy Resource Pack:

  • Mapped to the ESOL Curriculum
  • Includes five very simple readers with related activities
  • Alphabet pictures (the pictures reflect a useful adult lexis)
  • Worksheets focussing on initial letter sounds
  • Worksheets to focus on common blends (e.g. bl) and diagraphs (e.g. sh)
  • Visuals for teaching social sight (and flashcards to match)
  • Materials to teach form-filling
  • Materials to teach months, days and numbers as words
  • Wall display alphabet
  • A4 visuals
  • A beginner-friendly font to load onto your computer
  • Materials to teach handwriting


Purchasers may print off paper copies of the PDF of ESOL Literacy Resource Pack for use within their own centre or single college/school site. We ask you to respect this permission and not to allow the PDF or paper copies to be duplicated and/or transferred to other colleges, schools, sites, centres or digital devices of any sort.

Tutors who purchase a personal copy may use the PDF of ESOL Literacy Resource Pack on more than one site, provided that they restrict its use to the classes they personally teach and do not allow copies to be passed to other tutors, students or digital devices of any sort. Items from ESOL Literacy Resource Pack may not be reproduced in magazines, newsletters, books or on computer or digital system without the prior permission of the publishers.

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