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Everyday Maths By Margaret & Hugh Brown

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Everyday Maths is a book of basic maths exercises on everyday themes such as shopping, using a TV guide, sport, advertisements, cooking, medicines, bills etc. The exercises give practice in the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; measuring; time; money; simple percentages and fractions; use of a calculator and metric/imperial conversion. There are two sections on Maths about the house and one on Shopping sizes. Simple graphs, tables and charts are also included. Students are frequently encouraged to use both estimation and practical mathematical judgement. The language is kept simple and straightforward and an index and detailed answers are given.

The 2nd edition of the book was published for the year 2000. 14 of the 23 topics were revised or completely re-written, with up-to-date prices, weights and measures. The whole book was re-typeset and many of the illustrations were improved.

NO. OF PAGES: 48 - A5

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ISBN / EAN 9781870596732
Author Margaret & Hugh Brown
Publisher Brown & Brown
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