Dan's Dinner

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Dan's Dinner By Margaret Adams

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Dan, an employee at Asco supermarket, is a refugee who has had terrible and sad things happen in his past. One day, something happens that may well change his future…

This is the third title in the much-loved Supermarket Stories series, written by Margaret Adams and illustrated by Ian Bobb.

The main intention of the series is to give Entry level students a story to read - to show them that reading can be a pleasure. However, the book can be used to practise specific learning aims, with each chapter subtly focusing on particular letter combinations and sounds:

  • Chapter 1: looks at the letter pattern 'oo'; considers words that rhyme and have the same letter pattern
  • Chapter 2: reinforces the 'oo' letter pattern
  • Chapter 3: looks at the blend 'br'
  • Chapter 4: looks at the blend 'bl' and the suffix 'ed'
  • Chapter 5: reinforces the suffix 'ed', introduces 'ing' and the digraphs 'ch' & 'sh'
  • Chapter 6: revisits the spelling patterns 'oo', 'ch' and 'sh'

Additional Information

ISBN / EAN 9781842310649
Author Margaret Adams
Publisher Gatehouse
Reading Level 2 - Easy Beginner Reader
  • Really good

    I thought the book was a really good one to read. It’s about a supermarket employee called Dan who has had bad things happen to him in the past. He starts to talk with someone who turns out to have a big surprise for him. I would recommend it to people to read as it makes you realise how lucky you really are in this world.

    Louise Horner 9 October 2012
  • Everyone has a story to tell

    This is an unexpected tale from Asco but the way that Margaret Adams starts and ends the story grounds it in a familiar situation that all readers will recognise. The series demonstrates that everyone has a story to tell and, like the earlier books, I’m sure that Dan’s Dinner will lead to discussion on a variety of topics from food to politics. I’m confident that my learners will enjoy this one as much as the previous two.

    Julie Meredith, Literacy Tutor, CALAT 9 October 2012

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