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Collection: Yes We Can Read

Yes, you can teach someone to read!

Yes We Can Read is a unique one-to-one reading tool for learners aged from 8 to 80. Yes We Can Read is a phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning. You, the coach, will be guided through the whole process - from teaching individual phonic sounds, to blending sounds, building words and sentences... and on to reading fluency. This is a fun and engaging way to learn, for anyone who has struggled to read. It builds confidence and self-esteem in both coach and learner.

We must all learn to read first, before we can all access the life-changing opportunities and experiences that reading brings.

To see Yes We Can Read in action, please take a look at our Videos

Each one teach one with Yes We Can Read

  • Parents teach their children
  • Children teach their parents - an 11 year old boy taught his father to read! 
  • School children teach other school children
  • Reading group volunteers teach people in their community
  • Prisoners teach other prisoners
  • Homeless hostel residents teach other hostel residents
  • Used In Traveller communities
  • Used in schools, colleges, community education, libraries and the workplace
  • Used in Dyslexia support groups    


"I am 61 and I am reading at long last... I’m proving to myself each day that I can do it. Now I have something to look forward to." 
Robert, Gosport


No teaching experience required - Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non or poor reader to read in six months or less. No training or other qualifications are required. One to one is the key!

Just pick up and go! - As soon as the coach has read 2 pages of clear and simple guidance, the learner can start the journey to become a fluent reader of English.

Dyslexia support - With its unique photo-alphabet, well-spaced text and easy-to-read font, this programme is ideal for learners with Dyslexia.

Who will you teach to read? - If you can read and have some spare time and a willing learner, then you can give the life-long gift of reading to your child, or a friend, a relative, a workmate, your neighbour - to anyone! The two of you just need the Yes We Can Read tool and a couple of hours a week for a few months.

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    Yes We Can Read: Certificate
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