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Shadow of a Doubt
Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt

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Shadow of a Doubt is a mystery story in 17 short chapters, written in the first person. The author is a TV producer whose Scottish girlfriend, Alison, leaves him for a well-known TV presenter, Ian Eastwood. Some years later the author meets Eastwood again and learns what has become of Alison. He decides to seek his revenge and sets out to commit the perfect crime. The tale has a strange twist to it which leaves both the author and the reader in doubt about what actually happened.

Shadow of a Doubt should appeal to students who are becoming more fluent at reading. It has a vocabulary of about 940 different words. The book may not be photocopied.

A companion book of photocopiable exercises to improve reading, spelling and writing skills is available separately.

WORD COUNT: Different words 940, Total words in story 4390.

NO. OF PAGES: 40 - A5

Additional Information

  • Author : Margaret and Hugh Brown
  • Reading Level : 3 - Standard Beginner Reader
  • Series : Brown and Brown
  • Topic : Literacy
  • Topic : Readers
  • Publisher : Brown and Brown
  • ISBN : 9781870596541

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