Chance of a Lifetime

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Chance of a Lifetime By Margaret & Hugh Brown

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Chance of a Lifetime is a short story set in the world of horse racing. It is an unusual tale about a man who is a keen gambler, and the intriguing twists and turns of the plot should appeal to a wide range of readers - not just those who follow racing.

The story is in six short chapters. It is illustrated with several black and white photographs and the print is large and clear. The book has a vocabulary of about 600 different words. It should be suitable for anyone except those at the most basic reading level. The book may not be photocopied.

For the 2nd editionChance of a Lifetime was brought into line with the other readers in the series, having story and exercises in separate books.

WORD COUNT: Different words 600, Total words in story 2220.

NO. OF PAGES: 28 - A5

Additional Information

ISBN / EAN 9781870596848
Author Margaret & Hugh Brown
Publisher Brown & Brown
Reading Level 3 - Standard Beginner Reader
  • A good all-rounder

    I teach adult basic education to a wide range of students and found I could use this with all groups. I found that "Chance of a Lifetime" held their attention; it was interesting; something all could relate to in one way or another; easy enough to read for themselves. The questions weren't all factual, requiring yes/no answers, but there was a lot of thinking to be done - something that my learning disability students don't always do much of for themselves! The chapter length was just right for a 2hr. session. Plenty of time for reading, talking, thinking, answering - and wondering what was coming next !

    Mrs C.A., Clacton on Sea 13 February 2013
  • Reading for Pleasure

    I ordered 'Chance of a Lifetime' and the Exercises some time ago. It is so very good. Many of my basic students confess to never reading for pleasure and we have a large selection of adult easy readers. This book has been the most popular of all. Lots of students said they read it straight through without stopping to do the exercises it was so good. Some said it was the first book they had ever read.

    Mrs. S., Strood Kent 13 February 2013

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